Wrist and Hand Injury Guides

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Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

What is repetitive strain injury? Repetitive strain injury, or RSI, refers to the overuse or over-activity of certain muscles and tendons in the body. The injury commonly occurs in the hands,...

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Sprained thumb (Skier’s Thumb)

What is a sprained thumb? Often referred to as skier’s thumb (due to its prevalence in the skiing community), a sprained thumb is characterised by damage to the ulnar collateral ligament, located...

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Mallet Finger

What is mallet finger? Mallet finger, also known as baseball finger, is a common athletic injury which occurs when the outermost joint of the finger sustains impact or jams, causing the tendon on...

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is carpal tunnel syndrome? The carpal tunnel is a pathway in the wrist, made up of the eight carpal bones and the connecting ligament. The median nerve and the tendons, which connect the...

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Broken Wrist

What is a broken wrist? A broken or fractured wrist can take three forms: colles’ fracture, scaphoid fracture and capitate fracture: Colles’ fracture refers to a break in the larger of the...

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