A woman practicing yoga to help with her menopause symptoms

Using Yoga to Combat Symptoms of the Menopause

Sometimes, the symptoms of the menopause might get you down. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, the vast majority women will experience at least some of the symptoms, so you’re not struggling by yourself. If you’re one of the eight in every ten women who has to deal with the effects of the menopause, why not try an alternative approach to alleviating those annoying hot flashes?

A woman practicing yoga to help with her menopause symptoms

Although our hot flush cooling spray is the perfect aid for those times when you’re feeling a little bit warm, partaking in some yoga can also help ease any symptoms that you might be experiencing. With its proven health benefits in other areas, it should come as no surprise that yoga has been revealed to help reduce menopausal effects too.

For beginners, throwing yourself into the world of yoga might seem overwhelming, and you’d be right! There are so many different difficulty levels that it is best to start slow. To do some responsible stretching, you’ll need to assess your own flexibility and see what you think you’ll be capable of. Practice makes perfect, though, so remember that you’ll find the poses easier with each session. Don’t overdo it though! It’s better for your body to start with small, regular session and work your way up to longer, more physically taxing poses.

One of the best ways to practice yoga is with others! Maybe join a class in your local area for beginners. This way, you’ll be able to receive that crucial guidance that you may need with the way you go about each pose. A teacher will help to make sure that you’re holding your body properly and will stop you from hurting yourself from improper stretching!

Youtube is another great tool to teach you how to get into yoga! There are lots of different introductory lessons that are perfect for you to test the waters and check whether or not you think that it’s for you. It might take you a while to discover a yoga teacher that you think you’ll work well with, but just take a while to search through the videos until you find someone that you think works at the pace that is right for you.

In yoga, there is a wide range of poses that benefit the body in different ways. The main category that can best help you with your symptoms of the menopause is restorative. However, incorporating supported elements into your routine will also help you.

Restorative yoga is beneficial for both the mind and body, and typically the sequences are composed of five poses. The purpose of restorative yoga is to allow your body to stretch deeply into poses such as Child’s pose and Savansa, slowing everything down and allowing your body to take deep breaths.

To make sure you’re hitting those supported yoga positions, use aids such as chairs to give your body extra support. This type of yoga isn’t about pushing your body as far as it can go but finding an alternative healing method to make your life easier.

Allowing yourself to breathe deeply into positions such as the Plow pose and the Reclining Bound angle pose is beneficial to suppressing some of those pesky effects of the menopause that you may have been experiencing. So why is it that yoga is so helpful?

Using supported yoga, such as placing your head on pillows or chairs during bends, relaxes the mind and releases the tension that you would have otherwise held in the body during these poses. This is particularly helpful in combatting those hot flashes. Although nobody knows the real reason why you are plagued with hot flashes during the menopause, it is suggested that it is due to the hypothalamus and the blood vessels. Relaxing both your mind and muscles whilst doing these poses is less likely to irritate these parts of your body, making you less prone to experiencing hot flashes while partaking in yoga.

Another annoying symptom of the menopause that some women are unfortunately likely to experience is anxiety. During the menopause, your body is under a lot of stress due to the exhaustion of your adrenal glands. Forward bending poses where your head is pointed downwards allow your mind to shut out external distractions, which will lower your stress levels.

For those who suffer from fatigue, you might find that opening your chest up with supported backbends will bring more energy into your body. By opening up your chest cavity, it allows your lungs to expand, and hopefully will stop you feeling so tired!

If you’ve been struggling recently and have run out of ideas on how to combat your menopausal symptoms, why not try yoga? Not only is it likely to help minimise some of those symptoms, it is also generally good for your body and soul!

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