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How to Deal With Hot Flashes at Night

It’s one of the most common symptoms of the menopause, and unsurprisingly, over 80% of women who are tackling the annoying symptoms of perimenopause and the menopause have suffered from hot flashes at some point. One of the most irritating elements of them though? The fact that they don’t seem to stop for anything, and certainly not so that you can sleep peacefully!

 An unmade bed

It’s no wonder that night sweats can wreak such havoc on your sleeping pattern, and if you’re finding yourself tossing and turning for the fifth night in the row because you’re so hot, then you’re not alone. Hot flashes are due to the reduced levels of estrogen that your body is producing, and can cause many other issues with your body. However, reoccurring hot flashes can interrupt your life the most.

At night, hot flashes are one of the things that have the ability to get in the way the most. So how can you combat this symptom? Our range of night sweats cooling spray can offer you instant relief when you’re struggling the most. The rapid cooling mist has been reported by 9 out of 10 women to provide significant relief and it is a natural remedy.

You might feel as though you’re after something different though. Some of the easiest ways to prevent hot flashes and night sweats are to avoid triggers such as alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine. Drinking alcohol has an impact on your body’s blood vessels. When you drink, your blood vessels dilate, which can lead to sweating.

Understandably, having heavy blankets and sheets on your bed can make you feel hotter. However, sometimes you may find that using a thin sheet can cause trouble sleeping too. This is because your body often wraps itself in the sheet, which can lead to frustration, thus making you hotter. Instead, consider the materials you’re buying, heavy cotton will provide you with some protection in the night, but should still allow your temperature to regulate itself.

If, after you’ve swapped your sheets out for something cooler, you’re still warm in the bedroom, why don’t you try to introduce some cool air into the room? If possible, leave the window slightly ajar when you head to bed or, if there are external noises that could keep you awake, turn on a fan. The cold air that circulates the room will hopefully provide instant relief during a hot flash and will bring your temperature back down.

We’ve all experienced a hard day at work and found it difficult to unwind when we get home, but bringing the stress from work home with you is detrimental to your sleeping pattern. Stress can keep you awake at night due to adrenaline being released into your bloodstream. This then causes your heart to beat faster, increasing the blood flow and the temperature of your body. To eliminate stress from your night time routine, why not try stepping away from technology. Relaxing with a book is a good method of taking your mind off the day that you’ve just had, and will clear your thoughts ready for bed.

If you can think of any other methods of getting a good night’s sleep when suffering from hot flashes we would love to know! Reach out to us on our social media channels with any ideas that you might have or anything that you think we’ve missed!

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